Don’t Panic! Google Reader may be dead, but RSS lives on.

The Readerpocalypse is nigh! Google Reader is officially shutting down on July 1, less than a week away. Last time I wrote on this topic, I was using Feedly as my RSS solution. Like I wrote last time, it’s very easy to transition from Google Reader to Feedly. I still think it’s the best solution out there for the vast majority of RSS enthusiasts.

Personally, I found it aggravating after a while – the web view wasn’t simple enough for my tastes (even with a few recommended tweaks) and the lack of integration with Reeder was frustrating. The iOS apps for Feedly don’t encourage really fast processing of feeds. I missed Reeder more than I expected and began to explore paid options.

When Reeder announced that it would offer a variety of API options, including a few already in an update to the iPhone version, the decision was pretty easy. I gave Feedbin a go. Set-up was simple, the developer was quick to respond on Twitter when I had a question, and the web view was extremely basic (exactly what I wanted). Plus, the Reeder iPhone app already offered Feedbin integration.

Feedbin is a paid service. I actually like this: it’s not that expensive, and I like paying for something I use as often as RSS. Reeder promised Feedbin would also be added to its Mac and iPad apps (which I already owned) so I was excited for that as well.

At the time of this writing, Reeder has made ZERO announcements about the new Mac or iPad app. Zero! It doesn’t take much searching on Twitter to find annoyed RSS refugees asking for an update. Reeder promised integration with Feedly as well, after I signed up with Feedbin, so all the users who hate the web view for Feedly are also upset. Fortunately, another great iPad app for RSS has added a ton of sync services: Mr. Reader. The app is iPad-only but runs quickly, offers offline sync, and has a nice clean design. Even if Reeder never offers an update to the iPad version, I’m all set.

Fellow RSS lovers: what are your choices for reading your feeds? Do you like Feedly or are you trying a paid service? Let me know in the comments!

  • Jeri Dansky

    I’m using Feedly, but I also signed up for Feedbin and Digg Reader, to keep my options open; RSS is very important to me. (I always like Reeder on the iPad, too, back before the Google Reader shutdown.)

    • DTPOTP

      RSS is indispensable for me too, obviously! I’ve been pleased with the updates and improvements to Feedbin since the GR shutdown. Feedly is just too busy for my needs. The more I use Feedbin within Mr. Reader, the more I like it — very robust options for sharing and saving posts. I hope Reeder for iPad will get updated in due course and not in ten years, but I’m pretty happy with my current set-up if that never happens.