Joining the Stroller Brigade

Even the most stubborn of babies have to eventually obey an eviction notice! Little Zachary Edward made his appearance on August 24 and he’s kept me hopping ever since. He’s even become a minor celebrity since appearing on the Today Show a couple of weeks ago! Jason submitted his photo and got a call from a producer just a couple of days later. Nothing like the feeling of a proud parent! Guess Zack peaked early at two months old — it’s all downhill from here!

Zack on the Today Show screenshot

Yes, it was surreal seeing this screenshot.

Now that I’m in the full throes of maternity leave, my days are filled with snacking on frozen grapes, gazing proudly at my sleeping baby, and prancing around in celebration of my newly slimmed-down figure. Oh wait! Not so much. Zack is a wonderful baby, but he has his mom’s inability to nap (seriously, it’s an issue) and his mom’s desire to stay curious and discover everything at all hours. With the wonderful support of my husband (Zack LOVES Jason and can’t get enough time with his dad!) and my mom, everything has really been going well. I’m still getting the hang of it and learning what the Mom Life has in store.

Though it would be fun to write a Buzzfeed-style article on “10 ways to know you’re a new mom,”  it would mostly focus on my new pair of Eddie Bauer jeans (I wish I were joking) and my eternal struggle to remember to keep replenishing the wipes in my diaper bag. As an official member of the stroller brigade, I’ve enjoyed a lot of time at the Forum. The weather has just started getting to the perfect early fall stages of cool but not frigid. Nothing like fresh air for a little recharge! My strolling has also revealed some up-and-coming destinations at the Forum, namely Lucy (an athletic clothing store for women) coming soon next door to Ulta. Brookstone’s pop-up store (that was also open last year for the holidays) is also back once again. I’m keeping an eye out for other newcomers this fall both at the Forum and across the street, where the groundwork is being laid for even more shops. More info as I have it.

During my dining and shopping excursions, it’s quick to realize what stores and restaurants are baby-friendly…and which ones aren’t. I’ve changed enough diapers now on those crappy, tilted, fold-down “Koala care” tables and pushed a stroller around narrow spaces to sympathize with other moms. It’s tempting to dole out baby-friendly ratings for various locations in the Forum. Perhaps I’ll start a series…starting with the restaurant that insisted I leave my stroller base at the front of the restaurant, instead of next to the table where there was plenty of room. Ah, the small-scale struggles I must endure. This upper-middle class oppression must end!

  • Tina

    I’d love to see your list of ’10 ways you know you’re a new mom’. Since those EB jeans can be #1, you only need nine more things!

    • DTPOTP

      Fair enough! I’ll see what I can do. :)